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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yarn Holder DIY

Yarn Holder DIY

Supplies needed:
Plastic Container
Drill Bit
Eyelet Kit (Gromets)

1. Place yarn in container and make two marks with a sharpie, this gives you a guide to know where to drill your holes.
2. I had 6mm eyelets/gromets on hand, which seem to be a perfect size, and I used a 3/8 inch drill bit.
(You can use whatever size gromet as long as the yarn fits through. Just remember, you'll have to use a smaller/bigger drill bit depending on the size you get.)
3. Drill the holes based on where you made your marks.
4. Place gromet in holes and follow the directions from the Eyelet Kit.
(It's really easy. All you do is put one piece of the gromet in the front side of the container, then the other piece of the gromet to the inside of the container. Use the tool given to hold the gromet pieces together and in place, and then hammer so the gromets hold together.
5. Place yarn through hole and put the lid on. Viola!

Now you have a inexpensive yarn holder to keep away from both human and furry critters!

yarn holder diy


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